INCORRUPTIBLE - or the Life, Death and Dreams of Maximilien de Robespierre

An expansive, two-part ('On Innocence: 1789' and 'On Experience: 1794') epic exploring the rise and fall of the infamous French Revolutionary, from the idealism and grandeur of the Age of Reason to the violence and betrayal of the Reign of Terror. 16 actors play over 100 characters. With the music of Händel, Mozart, Fauré, etc. "At the beginning he is a righteously angry outsider who sees revolution as the only way to free society from the enslavement of a repressive church and monarchy. By the end, Robespierre has himself taken on, in an infinitely more virulent form, all the worst attributes of both priest and king. Because he [Robespierre] is unable to achieve the higher innocence of redemptive forgiveness, he is condemned to repeat rather than transcend the past, and the revolution is doomed to fratricidal violence and ultimate failure." (two parts, six acts) *Chicago's Joseph Jefferson Citation for Oustanding New Work.