THE ROBBERS OF MADDERBLOOM - or What Does It Matter So Long As No One Gets Hurt?

In the picturesque village of Madderbloom everyone seems live by one simple rule, "What's mine is mine! What's yours is mine! If we ain't caught, we's made off fine." The village is in fear of a wicked highwayman known as . . . the Pug. A chest of jewels and such is stolen. Or, wait, make two chests. Nothing is as seems and no one is who they pretend to be — not Lucy Guttermouth, the maid; not Bob Gouge, the innkeeper; not Lady Holdings, not Captain Cudleigh or his ward Miss Lydia Guileless; not Crispus Frank; not Sir Benjamin Doller or the little amphibious creature, Nim. Even the play itself is a disguise. (two acts)